Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The mid-point

Summer is just about half over.  Seriously?
We've only been to the beach 3 times!  For real!! 
But we've been having many adventures and a whole lot of fun. 
And I cannot give enough praise for the fabulous weather we've been having.  Sure I'm a little tired of watering the gardens by hand due to our shortage of rainfall, but I love these pleasantly warm days and cool nights.  I'm no fan of HHH - hazy, hot and humid. 

As we turn the calendar Friday to August, its always about this point that I start to think about the fall and the "new year" before us (the school year always feels like the real new year for me).

I'm working through my list of summer projects.

I'm planning for our new year of home school (more on that later)

I'm thinking about our schedule of activities - which committments we'll keep and which we will let go of.
The best, no frustrating, no best part of it all is that my computer is D.E.A.D.  (I'm hijacking my husband's computer at the moment)

It started to go early on in June, and I limped along with it until it was no longer possible at all.  The disappointing part is that I can't work on (or post any) photos, and so that means I can't take any photo jobs at the moment.
But I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom from the screen.  From the incessant need to check the computer.  From the soul-sucking draw of unproductive hours cruising the internet.  I love reading blogs, but this summer I'm reading actual books!
So for now, I have only these photos from my iPhone to post (why am I the only person in the world who can't seem to take a good photo with her phone?)

Someday I'll be back - maybe at the end of summer. Who knows.  For now, we're too busy just enjoying.

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